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Even when I rise up from the abyss
Like the Queen of the Damned
I shall not know my place
And will choose to vacate any place that moves me
Wherever the water takes me
I’ll let it breathe right through me
And bring me to life

Even when I am near death
And seaweed hangs from my head
My hair loc’ing and molding
I shall simply cut it off

I have no more place for burdens.

For I have been to the earthy rocks and the mountains
Only to see the rock hard and I am not like them
Pushing obstacle off of cliffs, instead of bypassing them

So I went to the other half of me, The Sea
And understood I needed to breathe from within
To not allow my mind to drown me

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The solidarity of my soul pains


The sin of my mind

For you strip me

I turn to run

But you find me

In the isolated caves

The deepest valleys

For now I am at the peak

If I fall, if I jump… I fear I’ll never hit

For this is it… this is my fate

How precious.

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