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Love Begets Sin

If you have ever loved
You have already sinned

You have committed Pride
In how you observed your loved one

You have committed Gluttony
In that you want more and more of your lover
Even when you are full
Even when they are empty

You have readily and excitedly committed Lust
Running to them unashamedly
Abandoning all logical reasoning
Just to feel their softness within

You have committed anger due to the flames of your desire
When the immediacy of your ardour was not returned
Even for a short time

You have dwelt in slothfullness
All those mornings, afternoons and evenings
Laying in your lovers arms
Covered in past, present and future kisses
The sweat of your consumed desire
Still wet on your skin

The sin of envy
Committed unabashed and brazenly
As your lover causes you to build fences and castles
Great walls, that even China’s cannot resemble
All in the hope, that no other can taste the insatiable fruit
That is your pride and joy

Love creates a natural-born sinner


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Laughter Lines/Wrinkles

The flashing lights of your youth causes you epilepsy now

Speeding down the road in a life that you rented


At night

The demons and the devil’s vices find you


You throw your head back in laughter now

Masking the pain that overwhelms you

And the loss of your young years, to bright lights in the dark and soft thighs in your car

The sweet spreading pillars (of salt) now closed to you


Even if you manage to get it back again

You can’t keep up with it now


But what about You that chose not to live their youth at all?

Now old and alone

Seeking atonement through being a prayer mat for everyone’s ego


Instead of lights, you recoiled into the darkness

Ashamed of your wants and needs

But do you not know angels are servants and not saints?

Even the air you breathe is for everyone’s needs


Now your youth is gone , you realise love doesn’t need purity of mind

But now you are scared to revolt, lest you grow horns and go from a fake saint to the Devil incarnate.


Youth is always fleeting

Regret is the poison of growth


Flourish as you want, as you can – As much as the disabilities you would allow


Life did not stop at your youth

It was simply experienced.

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My Puss

Knees spread before you

My mouth

It begs to taste more of you


Breathless and agitated

Vibrating with so much lust


Slow and steady


I wait, my body aching and begging to feel that deep thrust


And as you glide in, I shiver


Going right from pulsating puss

All the way up to my spine, consuming my mind


I relish the moment, And begin to slowly rock back and forth


Like a compass, your hand guides me

Running over the centre of my back

Curling around my neck


You straighten me out


You grip me like a vice

My body succumbs.


My mind goes numb


But you remember your Mum


Living with family, it’s hard to get things done


So you hold my mouth


So I can’t make a sound


But even you can’t contain the musical depths of my release

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Grey Matter

I watch as my eyes become clouded.

I sit still as my lungs continue to constrict…

It’s forgetting to take in breath.

We have forgotten what it means to breathe.


My grey matter fails me.

All one-hundred billion fail me.

Confused… It attacks itself

Turning blue by default


My sensuality kills and drowns and sanity.

My creativity is my blue captivity.


When it all turns black…

Red will be all you see.

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