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Mispelled Pleasure

You may not be in love
But you’re hypnotised
Hooked the moment your eyes met my waist

The roll of my hips
The softness of my bottom lip, the flick of the top
The weight of my legs

You fell under my spell
And I fell for the feel of your hands and touch of your skin
The rise of your chest and the grunt of your breath
As my leg hung mid-air
I realised I could not control this spell
And the curse of Want that was to follow

All control was lost and I began to fall for my own spell

I began to beg
For my leg to wrap around your waist
To feel your lips on my neck
I became weak in ecstasy all because of you

All in want of you.

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Sensual Muse

In a mansion
Not built with the reflection of my fears
But with the deception of my hardened exterior

Mahogany walls carved with the old money
Of generations
Culture hanging off the walls
In painting and a sculpture’s posture

And in the middle of The Room

A sea of water lies
Defined by limits
Only within the mind

Hues of powder pink and blue form
A light shining out of the souls of those
the water contains

Lovers expressing freedom
with no constraint
No shame in their identity
Nothing to gain in pretense

But freely giving
A fear of affection
At their own volition

Feelings deep
Within the pit
of our stomachs
Expressions of acceptance
The budding of love

Bubbles of fear
Leave my mouth
As I give myself up
To your exploration
The sensation
of you
so sincere

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My Tears/Your Shame

You know the depth of my my heart
The evil that I flaunt to hide the light of my mind
The cheekiness of my smile
My sexual nature that I use to make others mine
You too see the obsession growing in their mind

But it cripples the one I want in the mind
Making them back away from my performative lies

I refused to let him see my tears
Who the true wearer of this mask is

That my ugliness would surpass any illusions of beauty
So I decided on the headiness of this strong wine
To give me the confidence to convey my lies

But you my dear guardian angel, you see my disguise and laugh at my desperation for a better life
Cutting through my inebriation with a holy knife

No more games, no more gimmicks
I give you my life
With defeated laughter and tears filling my eyes

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All My Hues of Blue

It’s all hues of blue

The blue in the sky on a monotonous winter day
The blue of the ocean when I catch a ferry
The blue of the vein on your neck as we make love sweetly
The blue-black of your skin that makes me want to taste, lick and hold it
The blue of her eyes as she smiles and faces the world confidently
The blue of the adire, of the batik and of the kampala
The blue of my people
The blue of my Grandma and of the benin eyes of my Grandpa

The blue-grey of the London pavement as my cheeks are overrun with tears

The blue, black and grey that my soul vies to hear

It’s all these hues of blue that represent my love and my fears.

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Surviving The Thorns

When you’re a rose that has been starved of water
Crushed by the thorns of those who are budding just as you are
And hidden from the sunlight
Any kind of sustenance will be thankfully received
Even when the water is polluted
Even when the light is artificial and burning

You grow attached wondering in desperation:
“But I am forgotten
Who else will care for me?
Who else will pay me attention, when I appear to be nothing but a weed?”

But a rose can never touch itself
Can never feel and smell itself
To take in the true splendour of its beauty

In the same way, this is how we allow ourselves to be mistreated.
Because, just like this lonely, we cannot behold our own beauty.

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Sex with a God

A film of white silk entombs me in your embrace

Sensuality bathed in purity

I let your hands wonder and find their way

As if it is heaven’s will, as if it’s a doctor’s prescribed pill


Wrapped in auras of jasmine

Lapping its ecstasy from one another’s tongues

Our bodily fluids merging into one


Perspiration gathered from our satisfaction, dampen the sheets

But yet, our ardour grows steady and strong


Setting ablaze nerve endings neither of us knew existed

Neither of us knew could make us feel so inebriated

With Lust

And Folly


Because neither does the other trust

So we hold each other closely

After All, we both remember what they say about enemies…

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Drunken Scales

As I search for astrological meanings
All they seem to do is point towards you
My yearning for you increases like the moon does to the Earth’s tides
I endeavour to only be swallowed up by your waves and fluctuations
They give me so much satisfaction

I wish for you to feel all of me
Even if others feel like you waste me
I know the true power of your touch and disregard for my aesthetical beauty
You want to get to the core of me
The true lucid being that leaves many drunk with desire and others disgusted at their on inability to sate their lusts

And so I yearn for your touch
Like wine poured into the hands of a connoisseur
You do not use style to drink me
Rather you go straight to the wine bags that hold me and taste me pure and whole and undoubtedly

As my aroma swishes through your mouth and you spit me out
Many take your disregard for disdain
But only you know the true value of my tasteful fame

The moon watches and she observes:
A famous wine that you choose to consume in private to taste her true flavour
Enamoured and inebriated on her taste

A secret far from the eyes of preying consumers
You did not know the true meaning of waste
Rather you do not make haste, just as the sun and the moon
Everything has their time and place.

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The Devil’s Virgin

As I lay languidly on the marble that circled luxurious green plants
I looked around me, saw the beautiful nature of plants and forestry around me
And realised that the sensuality that flowed through me and this silk dress was all me
It was my reality.

Unfortunately, my lover did not feel the same.
Caught up in a den of lust and gluttony of the mind.
A love of money that his soul could not hide.
Ambition was the only thing in his eyes.

Blind to all that was around him
Blind to the comfort and sweet sensations that I await to give him.
He only sought to live the life that was far from him and not revel in the ease and beauty of the roses, jasmines and lavender the world had to offer him.

So I ignored him and continued to revel in my beauty
To revel in the grace that surrounded me
I continued to watch nature take its glorious path to righteousness
To the sun

In these enclosed gardens
These private quarters

I found contentment in the journey of life and not my anxious lover’s arms.

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Modern Ms Baker II

Dance dance dance

You can be like these carefree black girls on tv too

You can break out of the highrises and blocks that suffocate you too


You just gotta dance and prove you’re worth it too

And remember

Don’t complain.

Because if you complain Modern Ms Baker, they’ll say you’re clinically insane and act mundane to your pain


So don’t complain.


Not even when these men fondle your small breasts

Or make asinine requests

Or when they forget to pay you

And shame you for your success


You dance dance dance

Half naked, brazen and for their entertainment

Unashamed and so amazing

Alluring and captivating

The very best

They love to hate you.

They ask “Ms Baker, do you not have any respect”


People at home will shun you

For you are no more different in their eyes from a common sket


But remember to dance, dance, dance

My Modern Ms Baker


Your bed has been made and kept

A grave made by your struggles and success.

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Open Philosophy

What is it?
This demon?

Can make you twist your words
Confused and hot-tempered
Calm you like the winds
And ready your body like an animal for mating season

Yearning for more even though you never even realised you said yes?

The air of mystery producing fertility in the mind

Seeds not yet sown reaping fruit that feels divine

And yet, it could seemingly all be a lie

How can something with so many rules and regulations be stress free?
And yet I’m stimulated mentally, as if reading a whole book on philosophy
Each page intriguing me with every turn
I just hope one day it doesn’t set fire and completely burn

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