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Minimalistic Pain

A steel box
Stainless for that minimalist touch

In case my blood drops
It’ll be real easy to clean up

A tornado of pretentious words and platitudes
A storm of unspoken emotions and digested traumas

Keep me shackled in this box that has no opening

Inherently luminant
Reflecting off itself

A straight jacket so fashionable
What is a trend but a system of control?

Freedom only in my self-infliction

But you would have to get close to see my pain
Close enough to see these chains

To understand how we are the same

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Holy Water

Am I a mermaid?

For surely I can’t be real.

For I have had to drown and dowse myself in holy water for so long…

Tired of feeling the callous hands of men

I would rather feel the water overtake me

Drowning out all sound

all light

all visions and the ensuing illusions.


For surely only a mystical creature can endure these hardships

Experiences so heart wrenching and ethereal in their happenings

That one begins to feel this must be all make believe.

A fairy tale told to deter the careless little girl


But see, even the little girl wishes she was a mermaid – for she too has memories she wishes to drown.

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