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Abandoned Lovers and Wasted Dreams

“The nights of running through the metallic green forest, has come to an end

Knees bloodied

I plead with the Grand Tree to release me of all my inequities
To feed me fruit, so I will no longer be weak
Provide me shelter, so the creatures will no longer attack me

For I have left many lovers
And now I have no one to nurse me back to health
I have no one to protect me in this hell
I feared the light of their love
And abandoned the ways of the Siren’s sea”

I craved an innate solidarity

So please oh, Old Tree
Protect Me

The Tree opened up and embraced her.

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I didn’t allow the wind to move me

I refused to flow with the water surrounding me

I detested the fire that attempted to refine me

And so I became as stoic as a rock
Then the Earth swallowed me up.


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The Wheatfield

Will I ever truly be free?
To feel the sunshine on my face
And appreciate it without feeling fear?
Fear of my happiness being snatched away
Like the winter brings the night

Will I ever look at the sea
And wonder
Wonder with marvel
at all the colours
that encompass one another and flourish
At the waves causing havoc
Without wishing
to be taken into its depths
And perishing
Amongst creatures and nature that have never known me?

Will I ever look at the birds without envy?
Without jealously calculating
the freedom of their journey
The flow and beauty
of their feathers?
Gliding and swimming
across the sky into oblivion

Will I ever embrace the world around me
Without wanting it
to consume me

Will I ever learn to love
Without wanting
The Love
to devour me

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Dreams of starlight and rainbows

Clouds that we can touch

No concrete, no rush – hustle and bustle is illegal here


Outside of the lucid Jack in the Box, outside of the little box of horrors.


Cyber chains around the neck cease to exist.


Finding ourselves amongst the bushes and shrubs that slowly transforms into our own forest desert.

Multicolour skylines

Radiant physical movements that shine

Fields and fields of walkable oceans


But even fairytales have nightmares

Even if they’re beautiful and pretty in pink


Lucifer shines the most

The most beautiful and exalted

With a voice of a thousand harmonies

And a laugh like an elegantly plucked harp


Evil can be beautiful.

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Black Widow

It crawls up my shoulder
Into my ear
Still enough for me to see it
Feel it
Think it.

All life outside and around it is grey.

Nothing of the physical could penetrate this creature.

It finds the many webs that keep this forest together
Upright and sturdy.

It’s gnarly old bark weary and tired from past onslaughts.

This mist of this forest holds heavy.

She has found males.

Now watch her regurgitate and digest him.

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