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The Light I’d Rather Hide

As you stroke the skin of my back

My body shivers

Soul quivering at the impending task ahead

My inner most part thighs tingling painfully

A warmth in my belly travelling downwards freely

The pulse on my neck quickening

My parted lips drawing breaths even more shallowly

Feet pointing

Throat purring

The light of the full moon exposing my naked body


Would I end this addictive intrusion to be lonely?

Safe and covered.

With the light of the moon being insignificant to me?

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Light Vampire

Sometimes I’d rather just be in this place

Where everything means nothing to me

Where everything is but a distant stifling memory

But in the dark I can feel, in the dark I can kill all of the false  that mutes me and makes me more ill

No false pretences , no more pills

My over empathy kills only me, for everyone else it seems to cure all their woes

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