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Even when I rise up from the abyss
Like the Queen of the Damned
I shall not know my place
And will choose to vacate any place that moves me
Wherever the water takes me
I’ll let it breathe right through me
And bring me to life

Even when I am near death
And seaweed hangs from my head
My hair loc’ing and molding
I shall simply cut it off

I have no more place for burdens.

For I have been to the earthy rocks and the mountains
Only to see the rock hard and I am not like them
Pushing obstacle off of cliffs, instead of bypassing them

So I went to the other half of me, The Sea
And understood I needed to breathe from within
To not allow my mind to drown me

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A Whole New World

The difference in appreciation and representation is real
It’s never quite the same when it’s right in front of you

You think you love it
You think you can accept it
You think you understand it

But the truth is you’re just as lost as the masses
A total freeloader from the reality that is your minute idea of representation

Or maybe you were never quite attuned to it
Unstable in your reactions to reality
So you sought an escape route.
Something to hide the pain and displacement in your soul.
Something to feed your interest into
Some how hoping it would free you.

But the truth is my dear Diasporan or African
Is that the realities are different and so are the histories
It will never be one and the same

History that gives birth to present day ignorance and suffering
A reality that guarantees absolute safety despite lack of graces.

Two completely different worlds.
And it’s possible for you to be an Alien in both.

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Love As A Ruler

Under the guise of humanity, oppression is often the sermon of the day
Subjugating us in different ways; proclaiming love but only a specific type
Giving us many ripe old age lies

The very concept of love abhors all oppression, yet many often use it to manipulate and humiliate individual freedoms

The freedom to love, to be, to live

Personal life choices are now a bargaining chip for our lives/for our freedom/for the ability to breathe peaceful breaths

The individual is a banned concept and we must pick our poison carefully for our choice determines our type of slavery

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The gold cords that bind us
Seeps into our skin

Our gold string becomes Red
The pugnant type
Thick as an umbilical cord

As round as the auras of my balance

3 loaves of bread
6 pieces of grapes

Who would have though I would receive solace from the dead?

The living are highly deceitful in their actions
The Dead are beyond and around them

I look into your eyes

Will you let your fire flare?

Your love be known to the whole wide world?

Fight that evil of thy cats

Remember YOU are The Tiger.

The robe of the lord adorns you
And you MAY be upon that rock.

Close up your heart to the evil of confusion
And open your mind, so it may touch soul and replenish your body… The voice
Of Wisdom

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