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Asylum of the Night

Broken in a ways that they can’t detect the pain
It comes to me at night
I try to sleep in vain

Silently walking through the streets
In my mind
But my body gives me away
A fight for time

“I solemnly swear to try and stop breaking” goes my old melodic saying

It’s never quite fulfilled
Then I wear the shadow of shame
A beautiful coat that others see as game


My throat clogs up when I try to explain this saying
My eyes well up when I realise all my cuts are in the way

I pray for a tongue that can explain the pain
Away away
I can’t keep up with the saying
My flesh is weak and all it knows is betrayal

My darting eyes cannot disguise the weight of this cloak
I’m out of time

And in mother’s womb I pray and pray
That I should never awake and face this doom

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Express Yourself.

Will constantly quoting my displeasure ever lead to its abandonment or its release?

Why should we bother to dwell on what bothers us? Is that not what drugs and drink are for? To help us forget the true displeasure that our existence symbolises

Mass incarceration, physical and mental genocide, generational victimisation, mass homicide

The discarding of foreign bodies and collecting their riches as payment of their own slavery

The ideation that one was raped and that they enjoyed it.

So now I ask you once more; something that seems inherently human, that is a part of us all, how do we forget or move on from? For we can document it all we like but the world has seen it all before

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Oh the ink that forms from blood
The mind seeps
Yet it is still heavy

Thy heart weeps
Yet it never runs dry

Lungs heaving
Oxygen still freely rushing by

How thoust has destroyed me
Saw my Star and hunted me
Tore me and misused me

And then You turned round and saw you in me
What God have you indulged yourself with that falsified your power?

My pains no know no power nor action
They are at my foundation

The blood that bleeds from my soul,
waters my mind.

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