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3 Retrogrades & A Sleeping Venus


We hold hands as we look down at the lights

Our laughter fills the air

We thought we could roam forever

But soon our laughter stopped

and the breeze grew too strong

We lost our bearings, and all that was familiar to us became distant to us.

Our hands became clammy

Now, unattached, we float through life as though lost in a black-hole

The smell of burning trees leading me to you whimsically


A presence I cannot see or (that I) hide if need be

you became an inconvenience

An unwelcome being.


As I touch base, I look up and see you perched on top of a mountain

I call out

send directions

Yet you refuse to accept the end of our floating dispositions


Even though we no more hold hands, we still hold the strings to each other’s heart

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Love On High

When I kissed you
The Universe felt like it was exploding in our brains
Venus felt like only a step away
And our skin shone with the Sun’s rays

Now we both lie on either side of this vast open space
A black-hole making itself known if we ever try to trespass that zone

Our love is not no more
But too far apart

They never lied when they said the Universe has no start
But this much space as truly brought an end

We romanticised Venus
Not knowing that even though it had diamond topped mountains
It rained Sulphur
The days short, yet heat ridden

But no place like home.

No place to inhabit ourselves and turn into a home.

Ode to my love that burned me beautiful

Your light only ever dimmed by the light of the Moon.

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Bathroom Babes 2

Crush it up
Crush it up
Put that molly in some tissue
Drop a bomb or take a shot
Bitter in your mouth but nothing like the grinding that’s on the come up

Then you got a next girl tryna sober up
Thinking of a way out of her numerous emotional ruts
Washing her hands with cold water in hopes her mind will be made up
Scared of all the strangers her mind comes across
An unfamiliar tug.
Another nigga wants to try his luck
Better luck next time, she aint tryna be a mug

A babe that’s tryna catch that high
The pebbles aint enough in comparison to those stones you’re thinking of
So she tries everything on the scene
A glass table girl, what the fuck is a bit of lean
She’s tryna look at her pupils and check if this is the widest they’ve ever been

Bathroom babes with so much issues
In a club they aint ever gonna miss you
In a party they may or may not kiss you
You got that one freak that might even fuck you
But all these bathroom babies got one thing in common
And that’s that they all got their issues.

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In fields of snow

Will you hear me go?

Will you hear me weep

And not pity me so?


Instead fly like Pegasus.

Ancient old element.

They say Helen’s cup loved you too.

For even powerful men cannot resist a blow of nature.

A gift from The God and gods.


Do you hear me in the field

Washed and dewy

Examine it carefully.

You know?

Not everything you share with me.


For I see your light and desire to quench it

File it, imprison and contain it.


See all of this land is my property

Please have some propriety

and respect this famous poltergeist’s feast on your democracy.






Prolificty of Evil

Through man and through God

Through Earth and into the heavens


Open your eyes and see the strings of fear.


But don’t cut them

Or your hegemonic nose will grow

And reality will end as so




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