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As she looks to her past
All lined up like a circle of Mayan dominoes behind her
Each domino their own story
Their own theory on her life
A piece of her in all the worst ways
The music plays
And she sets fire to this domino maze

Dancing to a rhythm that reminds her she is not set in her ways
That her life can truly change

And as the fire circles her, it begins to fear her own flames of desire

For there is nothing more powerful than a woman free from her chains

She has seemingly reclaimed back her power.

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Destiny In the Waves

It moves with no vicious intent

But is dangerous all the same

Strong and powerful

Feeling the world’s motions.

Does Yemaja cry out again?


A tremulous Sea that knows the stillness of doubt and uncertainty

Blue and grey, with all the colours in-between.

The waves do not crash but push aggressive and elegantly

I’m sure she called me here immediately

To remember to cleanse my soul and view the world humbly


There is too much to try to grapple for a place in this world possessively.

Know your strength and feel the power of your waves beneath your feet.


Though the fear that moves through you, as your eyes view the waves, incapacitates you

Renders you speechless

And palpitates the strength in you

Remember, you have coursed these waves before.


Your heart was a ship that was once wrecked in battle

But now you have made your stern strong.

Time to end this fear of being slaughtered like cattle


Your battle scars are too right for your confidence to be undone.


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