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My Scorpio Was Lucifer

You remind me of all the tragedy and trauma I try so hard to romanticise
Of all the pain I hid behind a smile
Of all the weight I lost trying to fit in with the style

You remind me of hell and mental asylums

Of the snake that told Eve to give the apple to Adam – they were both parts of me
You tried to annihilate them

A realisation based on the sands of time
On the realisation that your heart never was mine, only the curses and the demons from time to time

You remind me of sin and gin
Combined with anger and the demons of hell singing

Of ravenous corpses rising

Of a plague only the mind knows but the body shows

Of ravenous corpses climbing
Of a plague only the mind knows but the body shows

Yet I see Saint Lucy beckoning

With light like a stream

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Magdelene the Siren

Am I like Magdalene?
If I am, I have been her since I was young
Only no white garment or exorcism was enough
No stinging water, no oil thrown hard enough
To cast the demons that were displaced upon me

My soul is forever heavy
Lilith that swims amongst the sea breeze
I take no prisoners for the sea has already captured me
The sailors are the ones that use me
Yet when they try to cling to me
I capture their soul with my talons and drag them with me
Into the abyss
And hold up a mirror to their soul
So they can see they have lost all control
And their inequity they can run from no more

The true sullied and decrepid nature of a man’s soul
Grotesque and seeping
with pus filled sores
By the million ways he has tried to curb his pain
with a vile sword

There is no honour in creating a Magdalene
In ravishing a siren
You should have committed seppuku

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Jacobi’s Curse

Eerily missing the blood that your tears shed
Missing the darkness that held you by the throat and choked you
The dark smoke that gagged you

The dark master that gave you glimpses of a light
His punishment your vice
The disgrace a small pleasure in your life

Revealing all your demons in the comfort of this mental cage

Embracing and beautifully exploiting those painful experiences

Crawling up your legs on lonely nights
Giving you pleasure from his nihilistic annihilation, flagellation

You are truly sick for missing the bleak sensuality of your soul.

But your reality is one of pain and pessimism, existential positivity and plurality can no longer contain your soul that slips out of the bottle God supposedly held.

So you are consumed until there is nothing left of you.

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Dreams of starlight and rainbows

Clouds that we can touch

No concrete, no rush – hustle and bustle is illegal here


Outside of the lucid Jack in the Box, outside of the little box of horrors.


Cyber chains around the neck cease to exist.


Finding ourselves amongst the bushes and shrubs that slowly transforms into our own forest desert.

Multicolour skylines

Radiant physical movements that shine

Fields and fields of walkable oceans


But even fairytales have nightmares

Even if they’re beautiful and pretty in pink


Lucifer shines the most

The most beautiful and exalted

With a voice of a thousand harmonies

And a laugh like an elegantly plucked harp


Evil can be beautiful.

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The Gathering: Consuming Seas

As the moonlight hits the dark inked ocean of my mind and memories

Deep in that sea, under the stars of the night

The fellow mermaids meet.


Sirens created through the pain of abuse; shaping and moulding them simultaneously into beauties


Now they wear their crowns of thorns and emotional disdain with little to no shame


My own crown, made of Ivy, so green it becomes blue or black, if you see me clearly

The Lilies of another mermaid’s wreath comfort me

In our pain we know beauty, but never peace or sleep

For it is when we are full of our sorrows that we return to the curse which is this ocean

Calling out in our pain; yet our vulnerability draws the lust of men


In hope that their souls can bring us some worth

Many of us fight as Mermaids for their lusts


But as dawn draws near, we often remember the plight of the Siren is already a lost cause


So we toy with our prey instead


Taking bits and bits of their Freedom, till their weaknesses are exposed and they have no more worth


But soon, when the motherly affection of the moon hits the ocean once again, you’ll see the ocean in all its doom and hear our beautiful cries calling you to your death.

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Pleated Skirts

I’m feeling deep right now

My lungs can’t breathe right now

All these platitudes drowning my voice and my ambitions

Destroying my mind’s friendly disposition

So I stand languidly, wondering what it is you have in for me

How do you wanna punish me

Blissfully or thoroughly?

I hope I’m like that little girl

With my own Bill to Kill

My parents aren’t dead but you made my heart and mind ill

So I’ll entice you, you so disgustingly perverse

Wait till I can stick this knife in you

And watch the lovely air run through and leave you

Oh dementor, can’t you hear?

It’s you that should be scared.

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I laugh.

I’m mocking you instead of me
Oh how the tables have turned
Insanity is now my power
My weapon of warfare

And I.

All ignorance,
All woe,
All grief,
All strife
And all of you

I will end you and take your sins with you

You impure breeds

Look at you

And thoust believe themselves to be greater than the animals that walked the earth before them




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Oh the ink that forms from blood
The mind seeps
Yet it is still heavy

Thy heart weeps
Yet it never runs dry

Lungs heaving
Oxygen still freely rushing by

How thoust has destroyed me
Saw my Star and hunted me
Tore me and misused me

And then You turned round and saw you in me
What God have you indulged yourself with that falsified your power?

My pains no know no power nor action
They are at my foundation

The blood that bleeds from my soul,
waters my mind.

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‘Pretty in pink’ she once said.

With my white shoes.

Blood curdles around my toes.
I sink in my own blood
Lightened by my lack of depth

Gravity has no effect.

I smile back at her with pity.
Why is it the pink you envy?

Did you not know that it was crafted by children young enough to use their hands
But their sexual organs remain bound?

They see the beauty before their eyes and see blood
Lightened by the artificial love and tenderness of the young.

Are you still envious?

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