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Melodies of Hope

The song lyrics of a new life plays a new hope in my mind
Hallucinations of happiness and peace combined
Auditory fantasies of laughter that leads to tears

Of walking through dreams only to realise you can really eat and drink
To truly live in a bliss that does not require perfection

What a charmed life that would be
To truly let go of this cloak of depression

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Sensual Muse

In a mansion
Not built with the reflection of my fears
But with the deception of my hardened exterior

Mahogany walls carved with the old money
Of generations
Culture hanging off the walls
In painting and a sculpture’s posture

And in the middle of The Room

A sea of water lies
Defined by limits
Only within the mind

Hues of powder pink and blue form
A light shining out of the souls of those
the water contains

Lovers expressing freedom
with no constraint
No shame in their identity
Nothing to gain in pretense

But freely giving
A fear of affection
At their own volition

Feelings deep
Within the pit
of our stomachs
Expressions of acceptance
The budding of love

Bubbles of fear
Leave my mouth
As I give myself up
To your exploration
The sensation
of you
so sincere

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Tired of Trying

I am tired of inebriation
I am tired of dreams
I am tired of lucid thinking and hallucinations that make feel like I’m asleep
I am tired of dreaming of chasing dreams and failing
I am tired of all the hope my friends and lovers gave me

I am tired of this hunch on my back that grows larger
I am tired of the pain in my head that’s keen gather

I am tired of the tears that form when I remember life when I was younger

I am tired of the shame that is attached to all the pain I have encountered

I am tired of being inebriated
I am tired of dreaming
I am tired of the little light that shines, that never seems to reach me.

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Death In Paradise

Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to end up on the side of street pathetic and ill
With all my grand plans and illusions gone stale
The Eden of my mind unkept and derelict
With all my possible accomplishments nothing but a fail

Drunk and dim
Drowning all of my sorrows with gin
Outbursts of violence before I finally breakdown and cry
Imagine if I could die?
This cheat code called suicide is not enough
When did I become so bleak within

Hope is not enough to stop this fear from eating me from the inside

My dreams are nightmares now
My Angel hates me now
And death, the vulture, is free to capture me now

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House of Mirrors – Enemy Within

As I wake up in a dream, sheaths of sheer organza are wrapped around me
Draped around the bed, cascading beautifully

I am ance again in the mansion of mirrors
This time to face a true reflection of me
Find this woman who has been locked away since she was a child.

So I run through the adorned house
It’s decorated now.
Damask and floral wallpaper
Marble columns
And renaissance art.

My feet find the corridor of All That I Am, who I was and who I could be.
I walk past many reflections of me
Then I finally see her.

Trapped within a 10ft long gilded mirror. Silver.
Wearing a white long cloak
A hood over her head. And over her eyes.

And so I scream and shout
Beg for her to come to me.

A tear falls down her cheek. The corridor grows cold.

I am desperate now.
I begin to the smash at the glass with my bare hands
Throwing my weight, for my destiny lies within it

My hands bleed, it slowly cracks
splinters of glass hit my eyes, I can see my breath
She reaches out to me, feeling her freedom too

With a final rush of my fists, I break through effectively
Draw her through and hold her to me.

I slowly turn to ice and she becomes me.

I have finally broke the cycle, I have finally gotten rid of my arch-enemy.

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Phantom Mansion

As the walls feel like they’re caving in my mind
Everything suddenly feels beyond my fingertips

Walls I cannot touch, too far away
Yet I feel confined in this gated mansion of a life

Maids and Butlers
Reliant on those who talk about my life when they are faced to my behind

Pretending to help but covering up secrets and lies
Hiding rooms that contain my freedom
Instead they seek to confine my time
My space, the very fabric who I am
The universe within me

Enclosed in a few grande rooms

With smiling guests
Pharisees of the highest degree
Coming to view Delilah in all her containment

But her friends of another order will remind her of the life that lays beyond the walls
The life that could save her from the imprisoning mansion walls
Remind her of the reality of the lying and beguiling pharisees

I suddenly remembered I am no Delilah
And this is no grande mansion of my dreams

But a prison created to keep me from my true dreams
From my own universe

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