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As she looks to her past
All lined up like a circle of Mayan dominoes behind her
Each domino their own story
Their own theory on her life
A piece of her in all the worst ways
The music plays
And she sets fire to this domino maze

Dancing to a rhythm that reminds her she is not set in her ways
That her life can truly change

And as the fire circles her, it begins to fear her own flames of desire

For there is nothing more powerful than a woman free from her chains

She has seemingly reclaimed back her power.

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Jubilant Zombies

It’s funny, I still dream of warm nights where perfection resides in our mosquito bites
Where the bodies of numerous people jaiye and gyrate

They exist, but not as we known them to
With drug fuelled rantings and ravings
Addictions that the public may not necessarily care about, so they eat you up from the inside out

It’s not all stomping and shaking, that’s not the only thing making you inebriated

Hallucinogenic drugs with a higher addiction ratio than the perfect high

They’re trying to catch the same rhythm, the same feel as you

They are insane just like you.

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The Repression of Colonialism

I miss the times that I never experienced

The wild bodies, gyrating to a rhythm that penetrated their hips

And possessed their souls

Dripping with sweat whilst derrières are being grasped

Unashamed of their pleasure penetrating them as a whole

Waist moving to the beat like that of a snake, yet soft and inviting like the wings of a butterfly

A mating call ancient and beyond comprehension

Asking for a blessing  from the Gods

And exalting their names as a rhythmic spirituality leads their feet to become one with the ground.

Like the clashing of worlds and meteors

Bodies meshed, bursting with the power of Universal creation

I miss the times I never had.



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