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Minimalistic Pain

A steel box
Stainless for that minimalist touch

In case my blood drops
It’ll be real easy to clean up

A tornado of pretentious words and platitudes
A storm of unspoken emotions and digested traumas

Keep me shackled in this box that has no opening

Inherently luminant
Reflecting off itself

A straight jacket so fashionable
What is a trend but a system of control?

Freedom only in my self-infliction

But you would have to get close to see my pain
Close enough to see these chains

To understand how we are the same

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Magdelene the Siren

Am I like Magdalene?
If I am, I have been her since I was young
Only no white garment or exorcism was enough
No stinging water, no oil thrown hard enough
To cast the demons that were displaced upon me

My soul is forever heavy
Lilith that swims amongst the sea breeze
I take no prisoners for the sea has already captured me
The sailors are the ones that use me
Yet when they try to cling to me
I capture their soul with my talons and drag them with me
Into the abyss
And hold up a mirror to their soul
So they can see they have lost all control
And their inequity they can run from no more

The true sullied and decrepid nature of a man’s soul
Grotesque and seeping
with pus filled sores
By the million ways he has tried to curb his pain
with a vile sword

There is no honour in creating a Magdalene
In ravishing a siren
You should have committed seppuku

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The Unforgettable Jinn

As I leant back from our kiss
I tried to mask the pain behind the smile you commanded of me
Only this time my eyes were the expose of all the lies you forced on me
The bitterness and dislike
The dissatisfaction and pain in our fornication

You finally saw it for what it was
And decided to punish me for it

Twisting and turning my sanity, like a dummy on a string, controlling me like somebody with a nervous tic
You grew to hate me for not loving you
For rejecting you and all the iniquity your heart would spew

The taste of your lips was grim and yet I would try to keep smiling
Until one day my smile cracked
And your screaming caused it to shatter completely

And then you punished me one more time completely

Now the fall out has passed
And I am a caricature of happiness for those that are around
Still, the memory of you haunts me
And the evil you did finds me in my sleep, talking of your future, of your past and the women you have caused to bleed in your arms
Like a broken record, the memory of you plays on and on
Imprinted on my skin and lips, the place in-between my hips

So I release you in these words I write
Release you to let you know you’ve lost this fight
I didn’t want a war or a battle and yet I’m left with scars

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A shackled visionary

We grew up knowing familiarity and culture as pointers of our identity
But what happens when the orchestrators of our destinies frown upon our forms of survival in this foreign geography?

Will they imprison us and hold us mentally hostage?
How do we then free ourselves from this unfair slavery?
How do you rid yourself of an oppressor you love so dearly?
How does one prove their innocence without alluding to profanity?

It’s all a game of snakes and ladders
Taking one by surprise
You must break this charm
And stop thinking that your freedom will cause you harm
For the only thing that shall cease is your oppressors call of alarm
When you realise they do not bear arms.

And even so what is the point of a dictator when they cannot protect you from life’s woes
Threats so underhand and sinister, that would leave anyone in throes

An individual and their lived experience is their own true hero.

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Martyr Lover

Is it the diamonds between your legs that turn these men in lascivious beasts?
The cupid’s bow of your mouth giving them an insatiable feast – like manna from heaven they clamour but only at first.

Is it the freedom in your laughter that makes them seek your confinement? Your personalised Pandora’s box?

Or the care in your words and the softness of your bosom that reminds them of the mother they never had; the affection makes them run mad. They wish to martyr this mother.

Be careful beautiful sisters who are blessed with those glorious wreaths around your heads
There are men who wish to enslave you and have you make your bed among the stars

Do not let your purity of heart fool you.

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Gemini Aether Widows

Tried to honestly disconnect you from me

Release myself from the web of your stronghold


My evils always evident

Yet yours aesthetically pleasing

Does this nullify all semblance of morality?

Any duties you have to uphold.

Yet my loyalty to you has turned into my stronghold


Too old to willingly allow chains to seek me and hold me for ransom

The devil is definitely not that handsome


So I pour some holy water

Tried to purify this union

To cleanse it


But sometimes I forget the character of Angels and demons are similar

The only difference is the level of aether in the mind


So now after my desperate rituals

I stand here sullied in sin that I did not know I was committing


Against a fellow Angel, that sometimes loses faith and becomes a demon


Earth really is a mysterious hell we must all try to survive in.

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Puppet Master

As I sit on this high chair in this cold stainless steel laboratory

The White Coat approaches me, floating like air

I demon gliding in its domain.

But this is not the time for me to look at such things with such care


She smiles at me

Teeth brown and crooked.


Yet I give her access to my brain.

For she is the White Coat

I am the slave


Not too far from Anne’s acquaintances

Only this time the camps and chambers are built mentally


She strokes my head

Why do I feel like Gretel about to be pushed into the oven?

But it’s my mouth that is the oven

And this little pill that is my demise

A veneer so spotless

Shining, like a Barbie still displayed in her packaging

Her smile becoming more menacing

Like a beautiful Jinn


Smiling and laughing, till the nerves of others grow thin


But in the depth of her eyes you see the darkness within


The large bubbling cauldron of life’s past sins and present insecurities.

That makes her heart burn till it is crippling

all the leftover personality and light that resonates from her mind’s kitchen


Caught up in a spell that not my own.


Yet I feel my heart burn and voice and laughter grow.


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Phantom Mansion

As the walls feel like they’re caving in my mind
Everything suddenly feels beyond my fingertips

Walls I cannot touch, too far away
Yet I feel confined in this gated mansion of a life

Maids and Butlers
Reliant on those who talk about my life when they are faced to my behind

Pretending to help but covering up secrets and lies
Hiding rooms that contain my freedom
Instead they seek to confine my time
My space, the very fabric who I am
The universe within me

Enclosed in a few grande rooms

With smiling guests
Pharisees of the highest degree
Coming to view Delilah in all her containment

But her friends of another order will remind her of the life that lays beyond the walls
The life that could save her from the imprisoning mansion walls
Remind her of the reality of the lying and beguiling pharisees

I suddenly remembered I am no Delilah
And this is no grande mansion of my dreams

But a prison created to keep me from my true dreams
From my own universe

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In fields of snow

Will you hear me go?

Will you hear me weep

And not pity me so?


Instead fly like Pegasus.

Ancient old element.

They say Helen’s cup loved you too.

For even powerful men cannot resist a blow of nature.

A gift from The God and gods.


Do you hear me in the field

Washed and dewy

Examine it carefully.

You know?

Not everything you share with me.


For I see your light and desire to quench it

File it, imprison and contain it.


See all of this land is my property

Please have some propriety

and respect this famous poltergeist’s feast on your democracy.






Prolificty of Evil

Through man and through God

Through Earth and into the heavens


Open your eyes and see the strings of fear.


But don’t cut them

Or your hegemonic nose will grow

And reality will end as so




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