The Expansion of Time and the Mind

When I stopped searching
That’s when I allowed her
to show me the backdrop
grey and pale blue
White to dark blue eye
A navy eye, for those with concepts
Of Royalty

The smile was unmistakable
The stance and style, unshakeable
The ground shook where she placed her foot
Ears pierced with all kind of spears and rooks
Her part shaven
Captured art of her people
adorned her body

She was me
In a past linear trajectory
Telling me to hold my head high
Because no matter my delicacy or even
a brash and corrupt level of royalty
That the fighting spirit, the warrior
Consistently permeated through me

Telling me I’m fearless
Telling me the past does not define us
Not even she herself could stand in the way of our greatness
Reminding me that I can never shrink
That all we do is expand
Just like the universe
Just like our minds

So then I turned away
Once knowing
That things do not necessarily change
But expand
That my destiny doesn’t end with this body
But my body, my God influence
Reaches all eternity

But then the weight of change
And the balance of life and death
The frequencies of light and dark
Left me disoriented

Left me for dead

And then my trajectory reduced
And I came upon
The sunken place of nightmares
If they ever truly saw the light

She lay in bed, this nightmare of me
In tiredness and despair
Lethargic and reclusive
Strong in body
But her mind and house was bare
A slave to the love of others
But the more she slaved the less impacting her love
Her movements growing weaker
And her hardness encrusting her forever

I wept and she watched me
Smiling wearily
She did not pity me or feel sorrow
She could feel no more
She simply knew
That I had become a fool
In only seeing the weakness of self, love
Of loving firstly, ourselves
She did not despise herself, like I did
For she had never known or dreamt of anything better
Forgetting herself completely
And allowing this life to complete her

I left with my legs trembling
The Earth and the world as I knew
disappeared beneath me
And I wondered
Could there possibly be a way for me in this emptiness
No light, no dark

So then I sought Nirvana, once again
In the depths of the crevices within me

And they stood there
Drawing all the power of their creation
Into one absolute moment
It subsequently destroyed us out existence
As evolution is truly the foundation of all matter

And so I withdrew from my cave of despair
Tall towers made of clouds
And lovers that crumbled to the ground
Love that washed away
And feelings and thoughts, that burnt
deep in my mind

I stood above it all
A creator of all and nothing
To be so great yet so insignificant

The lines of my hands bless me
Sky keep me
Blood resonate everlastingly.

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