House of Mirrors – Enemy Within

As I wake up in a dream, sheaths of sheer organza are wrapped around me
Draped around the bed, cascading beautifully

I am ance again in the mansion of mirrors
This time to face a true reflection of me
Find this woman who has been locked away since she was a child.

So I run through the adorned house
It’s decorated now.
Damask and floral wallpaper
Marble columns
And renaissance art.

My feet find the corridor of All That I Am, who I was and who I could be.
I walk past many reflections of me
Then I finally see her.

Trapped within a 10ft long gilded mirror. Silver.
Wearing a white long cloak
A hood over her head. And over her eyes.

And so I scream and shout
Beg for her to come to me.

A tear falls down her cheek. The corridor grows cold.

I am desperate now.
I begin to the smash at the glass with my bare hands
Throwing my weight, for my destiny lies within it

My hands bleed, it slowly cracks
splinters of glass hit my eyes, I can see my breath
She reaches out to me, feeling her freedom too

With a final rush of my fists, I break through effectively
Draw her through and hold her to me.

I slowly turn to ice and she becomes me.

I have finally broke the cycle, I have finally gotten rid of my arch-enemy.

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