Modern Magdalene

She holds herself
Rocking back and forth in the cold of the night

She sits overlooking the balcony
The garden chair more eloquent than anything she had seen on this land in a while

The laughter from inside reaches her
She flinches at the onslaught on her ears.
Reminiscent of her innocence lost to her, a constant in her life, despite all her tears

She turns her face to the moon
And prays that the weight of her emotions will not kill her
For they seem to dictate her personality and disturb her rationality

Her handsome lover stumbles outside
Drunk on his own splendour and beauty
A vanity known only to Lucifer – His behaviour was pure heresy

She smiles blandly at him
Trying to prove to herself her emotions cannot crush her, that this brute’s callousness cannot break her

He gives her a mocking sideways smile
And pulls at the fabric she uses to cover her naked body, reminding her of her vulnerability

He turns abruptly and reminds her to come back in
And not to leave the guests waiting

But all she heard, was that she had not finished entertaining.

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