Her Cruel Laugh

How long till my cuteness becomes madness
till my beguiling darkness because porous; till the insecurity eats away at you like lead to the mind, my ways are no more like lithium – you are addicted to what you may never find

I know the intangible love that you seek and I will not lie
You live in a fairytale, untrue and unsafe for the flourishing of the mind

Visions of make-believe that give you hope but make you ten times more blind.

There is nothing wrong with hope but who are you fooling when you know the truth of all that lies
Before you with nothing to hide, showing you its ugliness without any disguise
Brazen in it hideousness as it knows what your self-esteem requires

Will your soul ever truly find flight?

You fool, finding comfort in things other than the truth
Let the lies be uncovered and face the facts, you brute
Callous to all those that lie in front of you
You took that apple from the tree of death and had a massive lascivious bite

Your imbecilic nature is truly shining through
I hope you do not believe that any compassion is truly your due

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