A shackled visionary

We grew up knowing familiarity and culture as pointers of our identity
But what happens when the orchestrators of our destinies frown upon our forms of survival in this foreign geography?

Will they imprison us and hold us mentally hostage?
How do we then free ourselves from this unfair slavery?
How do you rid yourself of an oppressor you love so dearly?
How does one prove their innocence without alluding to profanity?

It’s all a game of snakes and ladders
Taking one by surprise
You must break this charm
And stop thinking that your freedom will cause you harm
For the only thing that shall cease is your oppressors call of alarm
When you realise they do not bear arms.

And even so what is the point of a dictator when they cannot protect you from life’s woes
Threats so underhand and sinister, that would leave anyone in throes

An individual and their lived experience is their own true hero.

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