Living Pains

A spine curved with the shame of unfulfilled life

A mind fogged by the poisonous neurons that refuse to function

Venom running through the veins

The perilous nature causing the body to become heavy laden.


Legs restless and convulsive

Matching a manic’s breathing pattern as they lay in an asylum


A vice to numb existence

Fight the time

A form of partial self-destructive prudence


Better than watching blood spill.


Spill down the edge of steel

Better to fight the urge to kill.


Yet, this pill doesn’t stop it.

Legs are less manic but the body feels it.

The drink cannot curb it

The body feels like it’s floating

Still, the mind cries out for release from its green house


So another pill, another drink and a substance to burn all pain.


The mind is now released into oblivion


So what are these claws dragging within my chest

Who is this demon that doesn not want the soul to rest?


It attempts to crawl out the chest and take the soul with it.

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