Insects of Lust

I sit up, surrounded by oceans of lime green grass.

Looking to my left

Looking to my right

… There is no need to turn back, for all that lies there is my past


A lady bug hangs onto a stray eye-lash

I fear to close my eyes in case it may die


So I keep my eyes wide

Awake to the point I could have been a spirit, for I was sure I had died.


Before my eyes I see her transform into a beautiful firefly, that is busy looking for swarm


I chase this bit of light with all my might

razor-sharp blades cut at my ankles

But I did not lose the light and for that I am thankful


And yet, the more I follow, the more the world becomes a fright


Then over the cliff, my dear light goes, my precious light…

Do I stay or do i go?

I ask myself this question

And yet head down I go, into the darkness


Where I seem to have lost my light.

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