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Gemini Aether Widows

Tried to honestly disconnect you from me

Release myself from the web of your stronghold


My evils always evident

Yet yours aesthetically pleasing

Does this nullify all semblance of morality?

Any duties you have to uphold.

Yet my loyalty to you has turned into my stronghold


Too old to willingly allow chains to seek me and hold me for ransom

The devil is definitely not that handsome


So I pour some holy water

Tried to purify this union

To cleanse it


But sometimes I forget the character of Angels and demons are similar

The only difference is the level of aether in the mind


So now after my desperate rituals

I stand here sullied in sin that I did not know I was committing


Against a fellow Angel, that sometimes loses faith and becomes a demon


Earth really is a mysterious hell we must all try to survive in.

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Puppet Master

As I sit on this high chair in this cold stainless steel laboratory

The White Coat approaches me, floating like air

I demon gliding in its domain.

But this is not the time for me to look at such things with such care


She smiles at me

Teeth brown and crooked.


Yet I give her access to my brain.

For she is the White Coat

I am the slave


Not too far from Anne’s acquaintances

Only this time the camps and chambers are built mentally


She strokes my head

Why do I feel like Gretel about to be pushed into the oven?

But it’s my mouth that is the oven

And this little pill that is my demise

A veneer so spotless

Shining, like a Barbie still displayed in her packaging

Her smile becoming more menacing

Like a beautiful Jinn


Smiling and laughing, till the nerves of others grow thin


But in the depth of her eyes you see the darkness within


The large bubbling cauldron of life’s past sins and present insecurities.

That makes her heart burn till it is crippling

all the leftover personality and light that resonates from her mind’s kitchen


Caught up in a spell that not my own.


Yet I feel my heart burn and voice and laughter grow.


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Destiny In the Waves

It moves with no vicious intent

But is dangerous all the same

Strong and powerful

Feeling the world’s motions.

Does Yemaja cry out again?


A tremulous Sea that knows the stillness of doubt and uncertainty

Blue and grey, with all the colours in-between.

The waves do not crash but push aggressive and elegantly

I’m sure she called me here immediately

To remember to cleanse my soul and view the world humbly


There is too much to try to grapple for a place in this world possessively.

Know your strength and feel the power of your waves beneath your feet.


Though the fear that moves through you, as your eyes view the waves, incapacitates you

Renders you speechless

And palpitates the strength in you

Remember, you have coursed these waves before.


Your heart was a ship that was once wrecked in battle

But now you have made your stern strong.

Time to end this fear of being slaughtered like cattle


Your battle scars are too right for your confidence to be undone.


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Sex with a God

A film of white silk entombs me in your embrace

Sensuality bathed in purity

I let your hands wonder and find their way

As if it is heaven’s will, as if it’s a doctor’s prescribed pill


Wrapped in auras of jasmine

Lapping its ecstasy from one another’s tongues

Our bodily fluids merging into one


Perspiration gathered from our satisfaction, dampen the sheets

But yet, our ardour grows steady and strong


Setting ablaze nerve endings neither of us knew existed

Neither of us knew could make us feel so inebriated

With Lust

And Folly


Because neither does the other trust

So we hold each other closely

After All, we both remember what they say about enemies…

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Insects of Lust

I sit up, surrounded by oceans of lime green grass.

Looking to my left

Looking to my right

… There is no need to turn back, for all that lies there is my past


A lady bug hangs onto a stray eye-lash

I fear to close my eyes in case it may die


So I keep my eyes wide

Awake to the point I could have been a spirit, for I was sure I had died.


Before my eyes I see her transform into a beautiful firefly, that is busy looking for swarm


I chase this bit of light with all my might

razor-sharp blades cut at my ankles

But I did not lose the light and for that I am thankful


And yet, the more I follow, the more the world becomes a fright


Then over the cliff, my dear light goes, my precious light…

Do I stay or do i go?

I ask myself this question

And yet head down I go, into the darkness


Where I seem to have lost my light.

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