Forest of Lost Dreams

As I stand before the lover of my dreams
He tucks a stray braid behind my ear
And takes in my aura

The sun sets behind him
Making me even warmer
A tepid flood is felt making its way down my inner thighs

This feeling is familiar yet more beautiful than before

And my eyes widen, for fear I may actually want this love

So I turn my back on the warm sunset

And run through this jungle of a forrest
Barefoot and naked

Feet bleeding and foreign animals preying
I run deeper, till the trees deject the sun from this ill forsaken coven

As I stop to gather my breath
I notice areas of my body had the skin torn
Yet the pain compares not to my fear of what could have been born

This darkness is familiar
The blood that I have shed brings me no respite however

It simply reminds me of the warmth of my lover that I chose to abandon
Instead choosing sharp stones and dark trees
And preying animals that go unseen

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