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Forest of Lost Dreams

As I stand before the lover of my dreams
He tucks a stray braid behind my ear
And takes in my aura

The sun sets behind him
Making me even warmer
A tepid flood is felt making its way down my inner thighs

This feeling is familiar yet more beautiful than before

And my eyes widen, for fear I may actually want this love

So I turn my back on the warm sunset

And run through this jungle of a forrest
Barefoot and naked

Feet bleeding and foreign animals preying
I run deeper, till the trees deject the sun from this ill forsaken coven

As I stop to gather my breath
I notice areas of my body had the skin torn
Yet the pain compares not to my fear of what could have been born

This darkness is familiar
The blood that I have shed brings me no respite however

It simply reminds me of the warmth of my lover that I chose to abandon
Instead choosing sharp stones and dark trees
And preying animals that go unseen

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A Fallacy Truly Pathetic


I wonder if that’s an expletive or a prayer
Or both.

Tired of the insecurity of the awareness and the sweat on my chest

A mental workout that stresses my soul
Makes me feel less whole and tired of this hole

They say the world is whole
So why do so many missing pieces appear in my soul

Makes me too tired to re-energise these trees within me

Make my skin clammy without any respite of a sea

I despair at its meager embrace

Yet many tell me to be thankful.

The responsibility of my life was not a choice and yet I am meant to be grateful.

A bitter laugh I resist because that may just end up showing my semblance of hate for you.

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Anime Flowers

Sweet as can be

A powder pink entity

Shines immensely and innocently


But in her walk you see the gaiety – the dangerous cheekiness, the cause of so many people’s insanity


Her smile grazes your cheek

Her laugh makes you lose sleep


So sweet – she begins to blacken your teeth.

They fall out.

You weep.


But to her, it was never that deep…

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Mansion of Mirrors

It’s a tiresome thing when you only question yourself due to the presence of others

When the honest truth is you fight so hard to fade yourself out of existence

When you try to look so deep in yourself,  you hope to lose yourself within yourself

But who would have thought losing yourself would cause an instability with your reality


A loss greater than any memory or any limb

Leaving you restless and uncomfortable

More self conscious of your existence than before the time you let yourself go


So you create different rooms in this house that represent your life


But after dancing and partying in them uninhibited, you find they are threadbare and badly furnished

And those that are appealing are adorned with tawdry goods


So you continue to wonder in this house, that by way of your mind, soon becomes a derelict mansion


Filled with ghosts of past lovers and friends

Gilded paintings that have trapped memories of your life, hang on tarnished and wrinkling wallpaper


Even so, I often wonder if I shall one day leave this house all together

Or make an effort to refurbish it

The choice doesn’t feel like it lies with me…

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