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Love On High

When I kissed you
The Universe felt like it was exploding in our brains
Venus felt like only a step away
And our skin shone with the Sun’s rays

Now we both lie on either side of this vast open space
A black-hole making itself known if we ever try to trespass that zone

Our love is not no more
But too far apart

They never lied when they said the Universe has no start
But this much space as truly brought an end

We romanticised Venus
Not knowing that even though it had diamond topped mountains
It rained Sulphur
The days short, yet heat ridden

But no place like home.

No place to inhabit ourselves and turn into a home.

Ode to my love that burned me beautiful

Your light only ever dimmed by the light of the Moon.

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Dead Trees/Golden Leaves

Because I could not reconcile
I submitted myself to mental bile

Hanging onto insignificant thoughts of you
Hoping death had not truly carried you

But it’s time to please my soul
Leaving thoughts of you in the past
Like my feet does the dust

My heart is full of love but I cannot allow your demons to plague me no more

Beguiling me with friendship, when your current existence in my life is nothing but a lie

So I’ll let you fade
Like the leaves do in the Autumn
Like snow does in the spring

I’ll finally let you leave
So I can finally be.

So I can allow myself to flourish and see the beauty within

Summer skies compare not to those of autumn

And so I will learn to see the golden skyline in this deathly situation

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