Phantom Mansion

As the walls feel like they’re caving in my mind
Everything suddenly feels beyond my fingertips

Walls I cannot touch, too far away
Yet I feel confined in this gated mansion of a life

Maids and Butlers
Reliant on those who talk about my life when they are faced to my behind

Pretending to help but covering up secrets and lies
Hiding rooms that contain my freedom
Instead they seek to confine my time
My space, the very fabric who I am
The universe within me

Enclosed in a few grande rooms

With smiling guests
Pharisees of the highest degree
Coming to view Delilah in all her containment

But her friends of another order will remind her of the life that lays beyond the walls
The life that could save her from the imprisoning mansion walls
Remind her of the reality of the lying and beguiling pharisees

I suddenly remembered I am no Delilah
And this is no grande mansion of my dreams

But a prison created to keep me from my true dreams
From my own universe

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