Cirque Du Soleil

My eyes only grew murky as I let you lie to me
Confuse me with words of comfort and persuasion
My heart too good and naive to use and lose you

Like part of a circus
I let you make me a sideshow piece
Entertaining at best but soon I grew too pricy

Soon the backflips were not enough
The tight-rope began to be a noose around my neck that you pulled for every notch of your dissatisfied anger

Dangling now from the ceiling
I look down at all the games and obstacles laid beneath me and see the animal that you made me

So I elegantly dropped for you
Even as the pain spread through my ankles, I smiled for you
Bowed out gracefully for you

But now it is my time to run from you
My lover that turned into my owner

Your whips that once disciplined me out of love have made me bleed
And there is no happy future that my tarot foresees

The old gypsy was always me
I just hid her because you would treat her as if she were crazy

But it’s time I leave so I can truly be
This experience wasn’t meant to be what it turned out to be

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