Prodigal Love

Like a fallen hero

You turn to vices and weapons of mass destruction you once shunned and left for villains


Wandering to all corners of the globe

Committing crimes in order to fill the missing pieces of your soul


But it’s in tatters now


Like a pedestrian dragged beneath the wheels of an awol trailer truck


Remnants of who you were remain

A phantom of your former self


So you go looking in the deepest crevices of the earth in hopes the darkness may hold clues that can fix you

Vices that can make you feel whole again


But you see, you were never a villain and heroes and heroines have always been your next of kin


So we search for you


Your family of justice

For we care for you


And wish to bring you from these destructive vices that may feel fill your soul but we can see they secretly eat at your world


Leaving you like a derelict factory with your walls stripped out and steel beams exposed


You don’t realise your humanity was your soul


But we’ll search for it with you, if you’ll let us come close…

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