The Devil’s Virgin

As I lay languidly on the marble that circled luxurious green plants
I looked around me, saw the beautiful nature of plants and forestry around me
And realised that the sensuality that flowed through me and this silk dress was all me
It was my reality.

Unfortunately, my lover did not feel the same.
Caught up in a den of lust and gluttony of the mind.
A love of money that his soul could not hide.
Ambition was the only thing in his eyes.

Blind to all that was around him
Blind to the comfort and sweet sensations that I await to give him.
He only sought to live the life that was far from him and not revel in the ease and beauty of the roses, jasmines and lavender the world had to offer him.

So I ignored him and continued to revel in my beauty
To revel in the grace that surrounded me
I continued to watch nature take its glorious path to righteousness
To the sun

In these enclosed gardens
These private quarters

I found contentment in the journey of life and not my anxious lover’s arms.

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