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The Devil’s Virgin

As I lay languidly on the marble that circled luxurious green plants
I looked around me, saw the beautiful nature of plants and forestry around me
And realised that the sensuality that flowed through me and this silk dress was all me
It was my reality.

Unfortunately, my lover did not feel the same.
Caught up in a den of lust and gluttony of the mind.
A love of money that his soul could not hide.
Ambition was the only thing in his eyes.

Blind to all that was around him
Blind to the comfort and sweet sensations that I await to give him.
He only sought to live the life that was far from him and not revel in the ease and beauty of the roses, jasmines and lavender the world had to offer him.

So I ignored him and continued to revel in my beauty
To revel in the grace that surrounded me
I continued to watch nature take its glorious path to righteousness
To the sun

In these enclosed gardens
These private quarters

I found contentment in the journey of life and not my anxious lover’s arms.

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Sitting Pretty

It’s like a war of the nerves

Keeping calm even when your heart is in pain


Creating a scenario where life feels like a game

So simple things one may gain


Never fully escaping the pain

But being a slave to other things before one goes insane


So what does one do?

They live for the fame

Unraveling the truth of their aim from society’s naked eye


Going from scene to scene

Creating havoc

As their soul slowly slips out from within


But the fame keeps them going

Seeking relief from their deathly daily submission


Many do not even know if their path is as wild as this

Or their view as tainted

But they are aware their key to survival is different


A lion and a tiger may look the same but they ultimately have different views in life; Different survival techniques

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Laughter Lines/Wrinkles

The flashing lights of your youth causes you epilepsy now

Speeding down the road in a life that you rented


At night

The demons and the devil’s vices find you


You throw your head back in laughter now

Masking the pain that overwhelms you

And the loss of your young years, to bright lights in the dark and soft thighs in your car

The sweet spreading pillars (of salt) now closed to you


Even if you manage to get it back again

You can’t keep up with it now


But what about You that chose not to live their youth at all?

Now old and alone

Seeking atonement through being a prayer mat for everyone’s ego


Instead of lights, you recoiled into the darkness

Ashamed of your wants and needs

But do you not know angels are servants and not saints?

Even the air you breathe is for everyone’s needs


Now your youth is gone , you realise love doesn’t need purity of mind

But now you are scared to revolt, lest you grow horns and go from a fake saint to the Devil incarnate.


Youth is always fleeting

Regret is the poison of growth


Flourish as you want, as you can – As much as the disabilities you would allow


Life did not stop at your youth

It was simply experienced.

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