My Heart’s Nerves/7:42am

A systemic disease that starts in the mind and eats away at the soul
Continuously making one search the stars and the earth below for things that can only be found within me

Entering healing waters only to have my scars permanently etched and aching
Pained and broken, I drag myself to the nearest doctor and ask for a physician, a therapist anything to bring me that light again
But then I wonder if the darkness is my light
If this is my road or path in life. To constantly seek the light

When I stumble and when I fall, that is not the be all and end all

I need to take grasp and hold of my sanity
Of the important things; the callous words of others that ring in my ears are nought but society’s ideals
And no ideals are more important than my own, the ones my ancestors chose before me and the ones that have plagued my conscience since I was young

I am tired of the vanity.
Tired of the unrealistic appeal.
I wish to see the ugly before the beautiful
The real essence of a world is not the luxuries it has to offer but the perseverance of a people in hardship

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