I’m not sure if it’s loneliness or growing pains
If it’s my anxiety or if I’m literally going insane

I’m tired. I don tire long ago
My incense holder is filled with ashes
The flames of former lovers that have died out

I’m still in school
Still learning
The school of life, for at this rate academics would kill me

My mother says she loves me and misses me
I feel to destroy the platitudes and say “I miss me too, do you know where I can find me?”
But I can’t let her feel my fear

This pain that I feel is so insincere
I’m almost embarrassed to feel
Adding guilt to the new list of things I have mentally fulfilled

I hope to get over it one day
Hoping the bronze sun will shine me in the right way
The wind pushing my emotional debris in the gutter’s place
My mind filling with the water that lacks disgrace

Fill me up
Fill me up

My mind is tired of this place

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