What to do when those who grew up around you don’t believe in you?
When they watch you out of the corner of their eyes waiting for your foot to strike a stone so they can accuse you of trying to kick a boulder?
When many keep you around not for the love but because of the righteousness in their own hearts.

Shame on me too, for allowing those who left me in darkness and isolation to then shame me when I struggle to see the light

All the premature judgments and accusations; rising water that threatens to go over my head

The voices?
The voices persist because of experience, not fear.

I am sick and tired of being treated like I am sick and tired.
I want some respect for my pain,
I want some acknowledgment of the pain I have gained.

I wish I kept this level of pain within, lest someone should know and use it as a source of my shame

But I’ll ignore the bile and the underhand insults aimed at my brain and all of the hopes and dreams I wish to turn into reality and gain.

I’ll turn my head to those who desire me, who make who I am desirable
And who accept me despite your claims of aimless insanity.

To be among those who do not question my direction because they see the light that my feel point towards.

Vilified or not, I will find my way in this life

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