Sensual Awakening

Do I continue to bare myself?
Even though the fear of those whispering ‘crazy’ still haunt me?

But to run from my own nakedness has made me ignorant of myself.

So then I prepare myself for the reintroduction to myself. A coupling with thy self.

Rubbing perfumed jasmine oil behind my ears and between my thighs

Oiling myself with the sweet scent of cocoa butter

Moisturising my scalp with rose-water and castor oil

For before anyone else, I deserve the best of me.

As dawn draws nigh, the full moon reveals itself, bathing itself on my mahogany skin

The night breeze flows around my breasts as warmth radiates from my thighs and is carried off into the night air – like the embers of a wild festival fire.

As the time draws near, I sit-up, chin up, shoulders back, thighs spread on top of my calves

I kneel ready for the time of sacrifice

I am ready to sacrifice myself for the love of myself

Time to make love to myself…

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One thought on “Sensual Awakening

  1. Oleana says:

    You are your own high priestess. Oleana

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