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The Repression of Colonialism

I miss the times that I never experienced

The wild bodies, gyrating to a rhythm that penetrated their hips

And possessed their souls

Dripping with sweat whilst derrières are being grasped

Unashamed of their pleasure penetrating them as a whole

Waist moving to the beat like that of a snake, yet soft and inviting like the wings of a butterfly

A mating call ancient and beyond comprehension

Asking for a blessing  from the Gods

And exalting their names as a rhythmic spirituality leads their feet to become one with the ground.

Like the clashing of worlds and meteors

Bodies meshed, bursting with the power of Universal creation

I miss the times I never had.



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Sylvia’s Basement

A basement below a fully thriving household; a crack exists to let in the light

The inhabitants of the whole street are seen and heard but are unaware of the presence that surveys them.

In this dark, dingy basement, where death is constantly in the air and ruminating in the bones of this isolated individual.

She has lost all feeling, all 5 senses and has become part of the decor

Fading away in the shadows; personality lost to the darkness.


The Queen of her darkness killed her. Dragged her by the hair till she was bald; beaten by demons till her skin was bruised inside and out.


Her unwanted or unnoticed presence to be tolerated only by her strangling thoughts

Self deprecation is her everlasting presence


She wonders if stepping out of this foundation will make her a whole person. Or will its existence always haunt her.

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Love As A Ruler

Under the guise of humanity, oppression is often the sermon of the day
Subjugating us in different ways; proclaiming love but only a specific type
Giving us many ripe old age lies

The very concept of love abhors all oppression, yet many often use it to manipulate and humiliate individual freedoms

The freedom to love, to be, to live

Personal life choices are now a bargaining chip for our lives/for our freedom/for the ability to breathe peaceful breaths

The individual is a banned concept and we must pick our poison carefully for our choice determines our type of slavery

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Express Yourself.

Will constantly quoting my displeasure ever lead to its abandonment or its release?

Why should we bother to dwell on what bothers us? Is that not what drugs and drink are for? To help us forget the true displeasure that our existence symbolises

Mass incarceration, physical and mental genocide, generational victimisation, mass homicide

The discarding of foreign bodies and collecting their riches as payment of their own slavery

The ideation that one was raped and that they enjoyed it.

So now I ask you once more; something that seems inherently human, that is a part of us all, how do we forget or move on from? For we can document it all we like but the world has seen it all before

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