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Holy Water

Am I a mermaid?

For surely I can’t be real.

For I have had to drown and dowse myself in holy water for so long…

Tired of feeling the callous hands of men

I would rather feel the water overtake me

Drowning out all sound

all light

all visions and the ensuing illusions.


For surely only a mystical creature can endure these hardships

Experiences so heart wrenching and ethereal in their happenings

That one begins to feel this must be all make believe.

A fairy tale told to deter the careless little girl


But see, even the little girl wishes she was a mermaid – for she too has memories she wishes to drown.

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Dying With Kindness

To what end does it benefit me to be great?
A strange feeling of eloquence to be accepted by the ruling powers
Yet that feeling of inferiority is only tempered, never satisfied

If one does decides to live altruistically, they shouldn’t do the disservice of telling others to be like them
For the world is insincere, such shows of gratitude without any benefit to one’s self, will most likely end in their death or mental derangement which inexplicably and ironically, leads to¬†narcissism

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Underground Mulling

Sometimes I wonder if I am spoiled
To expect satisfaction from everyday life

To be and to breathe and to believe it was all worth while.

Do I ask for too much?

Surely the gods of this world believe their existence to be of great use or necessity
Or else they should have taken their own lives due to misconduct and incompetency

The Japanese rule of honour killing
Or better yet – saving one’s honour through suicide. Done with a pointed dagger, right through the belly of the honoree


The simple but exceptional way of showing shame, yet gratitude
To do away with one’s life to benefit the people

Yet I digress

Why am I so unsatisfied.

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