The Gathering: Hopeful Farewell

As the sun rises

Wiping the warmth and the comfort of the moon from the sea


The mermaids disperse or sink further into the abyss

An attempt to hide all their sins


I drag myself through the waves

The sun transitioning my Siren’s locs to the braids of a Bride

My lips losing the lifeless lust of the underlife

Only to be replaced with the innocent ruse of stability


My wedding dress, white but soiled, reminds me of this burden of strife

Of safety of my sanity


The vows of love I promise to myself


I look back at the ocean of my Jaded sisters and secretly pray they swim or sink safely, to their heart’s content and with the cynical smile of positivity


But for now my costume of seaweed must be put away.


For I have decided to become married to the forest

So my wreath of Ivy will never go to waste


Instead it shall be a connection, a reminder of all that I had swam through

A reminder of all the souls I toyed with

And of the emptiness that had lain within the depths of my own


A lagoon so deep no man would have successfully gone through it.


Yet as my adorned ankles feel the dew of the Earth around it

The Siren in me laughs, for She knows of my addiction and how I could so easily once again fall prey to.


For I am a victim too.

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