The Gathering: Lucid Counsel

These waves of muddied water

Memories of rushing water

Stained the colour of ink

Hitting my feet as I try t rush by


My white wedding dress stained blue from the written memories of my past

But it feels like they are consuming me because of this dress


This dress that displayed my victory

This dress that symbolises the freedom from my distress


Was now being muddied as my mind comes under duress


I fall into the deep lagoon of my thoughts and I’m met with several mermaids who seek the same dress


Cursed by their bitterness and shame,

They brought their souls to lay here and rest

And yet, it was causing them death.


This place of immeasurable beauty that has made their aesthetics to be blessed


But it’s time to break free from this seaweed we adorn as dress


And don the garments of our pleasure, before our souls end up forever bereft and unkempt.

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