Janded Girl/Black Girl

Why do you feel the need to shame me for my difference

Why is my individuality treated like social exhibitionism


Even if I walk naked, with my head held high

In the secret, in the quiet

In the forest, where I am alone


I still hear your voices of distaste

The words of your disgust

The phrases implying my disgrace


Yet if I try to hide

If I try to humble myself

Voices of an angry and jaded Mami come to haunt me

“Sell yourself!

Be proud of yourself!

I will never accept your sense of freedom or individuality



So once again, I draw back my soldier’s shoulders

The warrior of my father’s ancestors

And the beauty of my mother’s ancestral sisters


I remember I must keep going to win the fight

To prove within the battle who is right


So whilst I am still on this foreign land

I’ll use the sounds of my people and my ancestors to push me

To take into account their memories and their struggles

And to believe in what they have named me.

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