Glittering Corpse

Quivering body in a dark room

The corner, the crevice

Her own personal abyss

Bright skin

Cold, wet dreams. Anxiety ridden with the subconscious’ steam


Trying to breathe easy

But existence at the forefront of her mind does not allow her this freedom of mental duty


Broken, twisted limbs

Unidentified in the wind


A guardian angel’s sniffer dog cannot catch her scent in the wind

The effort seems futile

And so they leave


She sees their backs and screams in fear of their departure

But all they hear are sounds of glee

Inciting their fury

They do not know of her insecurity


So now once again she is left in the corner, in the crevice, in the abyss

Crying for the last of her sanity not to leave

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One thought on “Glittering Corpse

  1. rosesforourselves says:

    That was really powerful

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