Haven in the Dirt

I crave your addictive touch

Who would have thought weaning myself off of you would have proved so rough

My back arches in readiness when I think of your name

Imagining what it would be like to call out your name

Yet it’s more than just the touch…

It’s the journey I should be writing of

The journey of the unloved and forgotten that found a haven in somewhere derilect and non forgiving

We are not too familiar in our touch but that’s because our senses are heightened

Over affection is an unnecessary token

For when it comes to it, our passion can smother

Any repression or aggression that the world may reap

It’s always with solace our parts meet

The secret smiles and the little squeezes

Soon become virile and passion ridden bodies, ready to explode with evidence of the true nature of our freak

These feelings, this freak.

Unbeknown before you met me.

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