Bitter Intellectuality

Blind and societally stupid

We make our way into the world of faux organisation and labels that leads us to our supposed civilisation (which everyone acts like it’s not humanity that it erodes)

Snatched up like puppets

Then put into boxes

Unless you were chucked in the bucket,

Then your job is to mop it

To mop the insecurities of the top notches within those boxes

Esteem deflated

Resorting in bursting clouds and self-hatred, you better take a ticket because their branding is still not completed

Slowly but surely, a creative robot will come into play

Knowing what to do and what to say

Jumping through the hoops, despite the pain, losing a hope you’ll never fully regain

So now your back is crooked, despite all the gains

You look in the mirror, see how the weave causes you ecstasy and feel ashamed

You begin to think “My ancestors did not go through all of this for me to look in the mirror and view my features with disdain”

So you dig deep into your archives

Reaching for sustenance and life

Away from this civilisation that is a lie

Then you find blood

And tales that hide

Tales that we only sought to have exist in our minds

Beyond the story books, beyond the western mimes, life has shown you that you have been truly blind

All those labels of weakness were just a disguise

For the history that had been destroyed by land minds

Human beings deeply disguised as a merchant that had nothing to hide

So now you look up, face ashen

As your ancestors beckon

The call of your cry

There was never humanity in Christendom, it was all a lie.

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One thought on “Bitter Intellectuality

  1. This is chillingly beautiful and acute poetry. Poignant too.

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