Dimensions of Perspective

As I turned my young face to the sun

I looked at all God had laid before me

To young to comprehend it all, it seemed a thing of beauty

The smudged red, that grew brown at the edges like God had bled

Diving into the centre of the world, everything being drawn in by a fiery orange glow

A beautiful scene was created within me  and yet I sensed more energy

Brown, red, orange and yellow leaves framed this scene

Falling slowly off their trees, in natural poetry

Everything in my young mind was in perfect harmony

Set before me like a creative feast for my imagination

Stunning me in hindsight, from any true realisation

It was a depiction of the horrors that lie

The death that comes once the world had stolen your beauty and gone

The flame of your spirit that slowly dies every time you are unwise

The loud orange sounds of glee, turned dim and brown

Like a casket’s mahogany

Reminders of what this soon shall be

The remainder of Nature’s warm and loving beauty.

Soon to be swallowed till death is nature’s only beauty.

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