Naked acceptance

One has to often ask if they themselves  if they are friend or foe towards them self

Because I feel like a foe for still wanting you

Golden brown skin and sweet lotus pink lips

It smelt like Jasmine when we fucked

But most likely because my mind was running amock

Did everyone get this level of fuck?

Or do I just think I’m special due to my penchant for love

And my romance so sinful it turns into a lust

Quite frankly I’m not too sure what I should trust

I’m probably here writing this because I’m yearning for your touch

But I can’t have it

I know I can’t because even when I had it, I wasn’t sure what it was

I’ve always had a fear of the unknown

But then you came and I sat on that throne

And I let out moans my mind has never known

Too bad what was too follow

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be sane enough to call you on the phone

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