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Naked acceptance

One has to often ask if they themselves  if they are friend or foe towards them self

Because I feel like a foe for still wanting you

Golden brown skin and sweet lotus pink lips

It smelt like Jasmine when we fucked

But most likely because my mind was running amock

Did everyone get this level of fuck?

Or do I just think I’m special due to my penchant for love

And my romance so sinful it turns into a lust

Quite frankly I’m not too sure what I should trust

I’m probably here writing this because I’m yearning for your touch

But I can’t have it

I know I can’t because even when I had it, I wasn’t sure what it was

I’ve always had a fear of the unknown

But then you came and I sat on that throne

And I let out moans my mind has never known

Too bad what was too follow

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be sane enough to call you on the phone

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What Is Art?

Art doesn’t feel like what it should be.

A feeling of freedom free from this world of social and emotional constraints

There is no freedom of flight in fancy

Or a direction of love and humanity

Or even of fear and wretchedness

Instead I am left facing the skulls of critics

Art critics

Something that was meant to be wholly individual has now become a place to put another intellectual pedestal

When does Art cease to be free from restraints?

Is it when one is depressed and lonely?

Or when they have finally committed that act of suicide

Van Gogh, we failed you

Basquait, I wish we had properly known you

But instead all we did was use you and monetise you

Disregarding the true nature of the pain in your fame

McQueen, though we hail you, we did not know the true meaning of bearing your name

Art is nought but a game to some

Too many a route to fame

But there is nothing to gain once all have wet their lips with your name

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A jolly death

When your wrists cry out for the blood of your salvation

If Jesus deserved to die, how much more Satan

My self esteem is strewn in darkness with nothing left with me but memories of dreams slowly becoming painful realities

All in a bed of nightmares, though sometimes my soul finds the power to fly free

Free away and into the comfort and warmth

Safety and known

Though often I think I feel the noose around my neck, beckoning me to the comfort of death

Creating for me cursed bed

One I toil to remake over and over

To get all of these destructive thoughts out of my head

Will these things truly plague me till I’m dead?

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Pleated Skirts

I’m feeling deep right now

My lungs can’t breathe right now

All these platitudes drowning my voice and my ambitions

Destroying my mind’s friendly disposition

So I stand languidly, wondering what it is you have in for me

How do you wanna punish me

Blissfully or thoroughly?

I hope I’m like that little girl

With my own Bill to Kill

My parents aren’t dead but you made my heart and mind ill

So I’ll entice you, you so disgustingly perverse

Wait till I can stick this knife in you

And watch the lovely air run through and leave you

Oh dementor, can’t you hear?

It’s you that should be scared.

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Her Neck Kisses

Changing faces

Different places

Varied lips to kiss and types of laughter

Yet the same feelings remain…

Running to your freedom but only ending up in more pain

A dimpled smile

A twinkle in the eyes that could kill

She’s trained herself for these moments

Her own warped destiny

Of many lovers but to never feel the power of her own love

Even on her knees, head on the floor

Giving the dead her tears

She wonders if she’s found the one that would her let breathe

Maybe she’d get back the measure of her love,


Yet even Eve laughs and says “Do not be so easily deceived”

These men don’t fall to far from the tree

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The Other Girl Fights

Move out of the way

Get out of the way.

I’ve had enough of your preconceptions of me that try to collect my neck and break me

A bleak wall of glorious green vines standing before me treacherously plotting

I’ve served a thousand years beneath your shadow, yet you barely recognise mine

So I’m going to look in the mirror again and remember who I truly am

This dark cloak I’ve used as armour can be lifted and gone

The young girl that was before you has now become strong

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