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Detached conviction

As I look into your eyes and speak to you

Everyone in a hubbub, dishing out their food

The party is in front of my eyes

But the gloom overtakes my mind

Thoughts of death and my ceased breath are becoming far too comforting to me

The wave of the spirit, the darkness that it exhibits        Crawls over my body and settles into my bones

My soul feels coldly old

Who would have known that 4 years later, the same parts of my identity would still be plaguing me

How do I allow this death to truly consume me               I promise, I’ll go peacefully

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Light Vampire

Sometimes I’d rather just be in this place

Where everything means nothing to me

Where everything is but a distant stifling memory

But in the dark I can feel, in the dark I can kill all of the false  that mutes me and makes me more ill

No false pretences , no more pills

My over empathy kills only me, for everyone else it seems to cure all their woes

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Bitch Face


Walking with your strong face

Long face

Aint-had-no-real-love-in-a-while face

You scream of aches and pains

Yet you wear them like they’re gains.

No wasting time on a smile

Your life has changed lanes

Those sullen feminine ways hold nothing but baggage and restraints

Aint no saviour if you’re meant to be the saint

You be strong and bear it

A black woman’s only claim to Fame

They say it’s the human race but why did these cretins set up traps just in case?

I’ll make you fear me by loving what is me.

All of me

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