Christ’s Rumpelstiltskins

Dark shadows of a life I never knew was mine

They used to say it was the work of the divine

Showing me my discrepancies

My failings, possible negative levels of spirituality

Making me mad only to call me crazy

Different types of doctors was I given

Before I sought a GP to try and save me

Save we

That small amount of sanity I’ve kept like it’s make believe

Just between I and me

More tumultuous than the sea

But oh now, I ask you River to come and cleanse me

For my copper and coral necklace of

Sanity to be worn fearlessly

I’m tired of clutching my adornment to my bosom

Alice in her own Wonderland, a pair of twins built on indecision making me nervous

I’m still trying to make it back by 12 so all can be perfect.

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