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My Reality’s Realisation

What is this thing called pleasure?

Surely this feeling must be insane.

It feels like I may actually be able to breathe again

To see things for what they are, to be again

These yellow and green pharmaceutical sweets are at it again

I wonder if it’ll even mask the pain

And if so, when

But if not, I wonder if my soul will always feel vacuous and plain

Or is that just a ploy for all my turmoil within

Will the voices start again, or will I learn to understand this game

This thing called life

That always seems to cause one strife

Maybe I’ll learn to take pleasure again, even if these sweets turn sour

I just hope death meets me at the right hour

Because anymore extra time on this earth seems dire

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The marginalised kind.

Now I know despair will I ever play fair
I feel I am carrying too many woes to spare

To truly dream of peace seems so unfair
This game is love, this game is war, this game may dare
To never fear or never bare
All its pains and all life’s ill affairs

Call me a hippie, call me a skinhead
The devil may care
I don’t understand that phrase and neither do I truly care to fear some imaginary tale of my despair

I might just rise up from the ashes
I might just scream and glare, for all we’ve fought for and for all we share

Don’t forget who you are today or who you were yesterday and definitely do not forget your thoughts’ heir

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Modern Ms Baker

What does it feel like when they crave your blood?

Put you on a pedestal, make you our thug
To purposely maim is to purposely kill
And to destroy

So why is it when your body hits the casket with a thud
Your reputation is thrown to the mud

Why is it when you knock on death’s door like they asked they forget what it is like to truly bring a thug to task

A piece of lasting entertainment
A piece of ass

What mess they make of feminism
What they bloody have the cheek to ask

To be perfect in all the ways a man
Without risking a bit of sass

No room for doubt, no doubt.

Your slip will begin to show
But hey, that’s all they want and that’s all they care to know

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