My Puss

Knees spread before you

My mouth

It begs to taste more of you


Breathless and agitated

Vibrating with so much lust


Slow and steady


I wait, my body aching and begging to feel that deep thrust


And as you glide in, I shiver


Going right from pulsating puss

All the way up to my spine, consuming my mind


I relish the moment, And begin to slowly rock back and forth


Like a compass, your hand guides me

Running over the centre of my back

Curling around my neck


You straighten me out


You grip me like a vice

My body succumbs.


My mind goes numb


But you remember your Mum


Living with family, it’s hard to get things done


So you hold my mouth


So I can’t make a sound


But even you can’t contain the musical depths of my release

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