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My Puss

Knees spread before you

My mouth

It begs to taste more of you


Breathless and agitated

Vibrating with so much lust


Slow and steady


I wait, my body aching and begging to feel that deep thrust


And as you glide in, I shiver


Going right from pulsating puss

All the way up to my spine, consuming my mind


I relish the moment, And begin to slowly rock back and forth


Like a compass, your hand guides me

Running over the centre of my back

Curling around my neck


You straighten me out


You grip me like a vice

My body succumbs.


My mind goes numb


But you remember your Mum


Living with family, it’s hard to get things done


So you hold my mouth


So I can’t make a sound


But even you can’t contain the musical depths of my release

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Open Museum

Look at her

So sad and so frail


All of that mental slave work

Making her pale


Rocking and back and forth in a room without a roof

The wind blows

The scales move


Her body twitches

Her mind aches


But does it matter?

From the front,

All looks safe


Her smile is bright

And eyes fake

Florescent lights

You’re the deer


For you may see something painful

That enchants and make you fearful

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Death’s Orchestra

Fear can have you huddled up


Thinking of evils that could occur

But you hate yourself for the thought of it


You could slit your wrist just at the tip of it, at that thought

That scary skit


Always watching yourself, it won’t quit


It’s like a symphony of your death

Being played to you like it’s

Telling you to come and collect

The sheet music that’ll stop your breath


A percussion you can feel in your chest

Symbols ringing in your head

Strings that’ll try and twang you dead


Judge (me) Dread.

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Underground Soul-Eater

A heaviness on my chest

Treasures drowning, those my subconscious has kept


Adorn yourself with them

Even at the hour of your death